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I found out yesturday that a friend from camp died.
He got shot in the chest. 
Goddamn the murder capital of the country.

"A Southern Maryland man died early yesterday after a shooting in Southeast Washington, D.C. police said. Phillip C. Jackson, 18, of the 2500 block of Domingo Road in Bryans Road, Charles County, died shortly after 1:30am. Police said he arrived in a private vehicle at United Medical Center in Southeast with a gunshot wound to the chest. Authorities said they think Jackson was shot in the 1200 block of Savannah Place, where a shooting had been reported a half-hour earlier."

R.I.P Phil. Aa&Sc loves you.
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camp was amazing this year, i had so much fun :)
i got my wisdom teeth out last week which has put my on a lot of fun pain pills
i got my own teakettle for my birthday
and my apartment in the landing is pretty damn sweet.

that's all i can think of for this update
life is pretty uneventful for the moment
which is wonderful
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so i went to the dentist today to get a mouthgaurd
cause i've been clenching my teeth at night and it's been giving me horrible headaches

and apparently my lower jaw is pretty messed up
so i'm going to need it realigned. my dentist needs a day to analyze my bitemarks, but she said it could be anywhere from needing invisalign to needing oral surgery.

lets hope for the invisalign!


other than that.
things are going pretty alright
kimi wa petto

is this possible?

My sister got into Winthrop
I got a place in Seahawk Landing for next year
Camp officially hired me back for all 6 weeks this summer
I got a A on my Japanese test
My bests have made up(!!!)
And a whole bunch of people from camp are visiting me this weekend

Could it be that things are looking up?
Heres for hoping
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i like to think of myself as a drama free person
but lately my friendships are falling apart (well it's my two best friends fighting and me being caught in the middle)
and not much is making sense in general

and i'm being reduced to a moping mess who has no one to turn to

at least my roommate is amazing/understanding
and gives really good hugs
cause i've been needing them as of lately

Also, 3 big tests on monday
kimi wa petto


Happy Holidays.
I'm happy to report that there was not a repeat of last year's christmas
that is Coco did not get incredibly sick. thank goodness.

Nothing to exciting to report
i've pretty much been lazing around the house this break.
it's been great
i also took care of my neighbor's neurotic cat

gosh i'm exciting.
i have seen some old friends which has been great.
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sometimes theres is a wish
way in the back of my mind
that i would get into a terrible accident of some sort
just so i could see who would come to my hospital room

it's quite selfish of me
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so i've been majorly slack with updating and commenting
news in paula-land: i graduated a week ago
my cousins visited which was exciting
i went to uncw orientation it seems like a majority of people there are hardcore christian republicans who drink
so i don't know how i feel about that

and today im leaving forrrrrrrrrr